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 Restitution Procedures for the Loss or Damage of School Property for Students and Parents 


According to LAUSD Policy (BUL-5509.5), the school administration is responsible for determining restitution for lost or damaged devices. The school must hold the student/parent responsible in instances of willful neglect: “failure to properly care for” or “the intentional destruction of.” Clinton Middle School administration has determined that you will owe restitution to the school if an incident of physical damages occurs. This fine must be paid before check-out or before culmination. 


Should you disagree with the restitution, you can file an appeal in the Main Office. Include a written rationale, and you will be notified of the hearing date. The Discipline/Safety Committee will review the case and make the final determination. Failure to appear in front of the Committee for questioning will result in automatic denial of the appeal.


Under the law, a student’s parent or guardian is liable for any District property that a student loses or willfully damages. After due process, a student’s grades, diploma, and transcripts may be withheld. Vandalism, loss, or willful damage to instructional materials may also result in the denial of participation in school activities that are deemed privileges (e.g., dances, student body office, inter-scholastic athletics, or other local school activities), except for students in foster care or experiencing homelessness. 

Manufacturing defects are not subject to fine penalties. 

A manufacturing defect is something that's wrong with the device itself (e.g., electrical or mechanical malfunction). It doesn't include physical damage caused by outside forces (e.g., water damage, cracked screen, etc.).