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Mission and Vision

School Vision:

Clinton Middle School is a source of pride and a place for developing the mindset and skills needed to be successful in the 21st Century.

School Mission:

We, the faculty and staff of Clinton Middle School, believe that all students can achieve. We are dedicated to providing an academic environment and social skills that will insure student success. We are committed to leveraging our talents through meaningful and effective collaboration. To this end, these are our core values:

  • A safe and orderly campus for all students
  • Curriculum that aligns to the California State Standards
  • Daily instruction that supports all learners
  • Programs and activities that enhance academic achievement, develop a growth mindset (the belief that they can learn more or become smarter if they work hard and persevere) and student’s social and emotional growth
  • Opportunities for students to be leaders, problem solvers, and role models