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School Uniform Information

Uniform Policy

            Uniforms are used to create a positive learning environment for our students.  As a safety concern, uniforms help school personnel identify who belongs on campus and who does not and eliminates gang identification.  The school uniform policy is as follows:

  • Navy blue OR black pants, shorts, or skirts (or plaid skirts): Must fit appropriately (no excessive baggy pants/shorts, skirts and shorts may not be shorter than mid-thigh).  Jeans and Jeggings are not allowed.  
  • White collared shirts (polo or dress shirts) OR grey Clinton Polo (which can be purchased from student store): Ties are encouraged and can be purchased in the student store.  Students may also purchase navy blue Clinton sweaters or vests from the student store.
  • Shoes: must be closed-toe. Sandals, flip-flops, or high heels may not be worn.  Shoes must be laced and securely tied.
  • Physical Education uniforms are to be worn in PE classes only. PE uniforms must be Clinton light blue t-shirt and Clinton navy blue gym shorts which can be purchased from student store.  Navy blue sweat pants can be worn during winter months.
  • Items NOT to be worn at school: Clothes related to gang identification (bandanas, belt initial belt buckles, tape or tagging on backpacks), clothing with obscene words or pictures, clothing/socks promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. 
The student store will only be accepting cash payments for uniforms at this time.