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Ms. Ross

Welcome to Ms. Ross’s and Casas’ 6th grade Math class!

Jameelah Ross Mayra Casas

[email protected]                                                  mayra.rodriguezurroz@lausd.

310-853-0218 (323) 379-3475

Clinton Jefferson Middle School


Course Description for 6th Grade Math: Students in the 6th grade focus on active engagement with numbers by focusing on conceptual understanding, computational and procedural skills, and problem solving. The 6th grade standards require students to study the following areas: rational numbers, algebraic thinking, proportional reasoning, statistics, data analysis, probability, and plane and solid shapes. Students will increase their understanding of the course material by participating in homework, class work, quizzes, tests, group and individual projects, independent problem solving, and oral presentations.


Materials Required: One 3-ring binder, divider, two or pencils, 2 or more pens, a notebook, and your child’s Chromebook.  In order to maintain excellent work habits, your child needs to come to school every day prepared with all materials.


Textbook: IM Learning Workbook


Homework: Homework will be given if it is not finished in class.  Some students may require resource homework.


Grading Scale: 1. Class Participation 50%. 2. Classwork 30%. 3.  Homework 10% 4. Assessments 10%


Attendance:  Students should make an effort to attend school every day.


Missed exams or assignments:  Late work should be turned in within two days of absence.  Full credit will not be given for any late work, unless the student is absent. If a student misses an exam due to an excused absence, he or she will be able to take a make-up exam within two days of return.


Communication: All communication can be done through Schoology and Class Dojo.  If you would like a phone call or text, please include in the messages.


Expectations: Students are expected to show up with materials present.  Students are expected to show up ready and willing to learn.


Rules: Students are to respect the teacher and each other. Students should be present and ready to engage every day

I understand the rules and expectations for Ms. Ross’ class

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Rules and Expectation
• Ask permission before getting out of your seat.
• Be on time, on-task, and prepared to learn EVERYDAY.
• No cell phones.
• Respect yourself, other students, your teacher, and the
• No food, drinks, or GUM is permitted in the classroom except
for water.
• Always put forth your best effort and PARTICIPATE.
• Stay in your group. Stay seated until the teacher dismisses
• Restroom may be used 10 minutes after class starts but not
ten minutes before class ends.
Progressive Disciplined Plan
• Student will be given a verbal warning
• Student-team conference during lunch
• Call home
• Parent/guarding conference
Office Referral